The Walls That Talk

Saying goodbye is never easy.

Back in the day, Jonathan and I would go visit The Hope Outdoor Gallery monthly to check out the new art! Back then, Murals would last forever! Every time we left we felt inspired, and just happy. Happy that Austin has a place designated for art of all types. Where anyone could go and put up a piece! Any piece! Some of these artists we started following! Going to art shows and supporting local friends! We literally have filled our house with art from the artists that have painted these walls! We cherish them greatly because it was such a beautiful time in our life.

Late night adventures with spray paint! Finally mustering up the courage to do my first wheat paste, to printing out the cutest kittens and taking them with me where ever I went with a jar of wheat paste in my purse! Everyone smiles when they see a cute kitten! These walls not only inspired me, but gave me courage!

I started a tradition where every Valentine’s Day I would put up a love paste at graffiti hill. Then life happened and I ended up with a bunch of rolled up print outs that I kept saying ok ok I’ll do it next week… then you know how it goes.

Hearing the news that the Hope Outdoor Gallery was closing I just had to get out there and make something happen! So we did an Anna, Amanda and Tara collab! Also Sonny helped! Anna and I thought up the most relevant thing we could think of for saying goodbye. We came up with Jack Pearson from This is Us! Everyone loves Jack! EVERYONE! I’ll never let go Jack! I’ll never let go of Hope! All those memories, all those feelings, and inspiring days! I’m sad to see this go, but I will cherish the days we spent there, the friends we met, the art that has filled our house! Hope is a part of who we are today! I am grateful for Austin! I am grateful for this community and for the years we’ve spent watching artists flourish and do bigger than life things! Cheers to Hope!

These walls really do bring us closer together.



I’ve attached an easy 2 minute video on how to make your own wheat paste. Go out and color the world with smiles!