Livingroom Revitalization

My living room is one of the last rooms I’ve taken on as a makeover project. A fresh coat of paint, and some rearranging changed things up a bit, but I still had my old couch that is 5 years old. I loved my old couch, it fit well in my space and is super comfortable but it desperately needed a makeover. I was so excited when I found comfort works! They were able to revitalize my old couch including new wood mid century style legs! Its exactly the uplift it needed to change the entire feeling of the space!


Any one reading this that’s like oh this mama is straight out of her mind getting a white couch with a three year old hold up ladies! We specifically picked this fabric because liquids just slide right off and lil smudges simply wipe away! Believe me the samples that comfort works sent our way we tried hard destroying them! We love the color and the brightness that it brings to the room! I personally love how my plants pop surrounding this beauty and how perfectly it fits into our minimal/boho style.


Check out the before pics of our space! Crazy right?








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