Minimalist Bedroom Makeover on a Budget


Since we are renting, it can be difficult to commit to making a space your own. When we first toured this rental property, it already had white walls, so I said, DONE! SOLD! I like to personally add pops of color in my furniture and decor as opposed to on the walls (with the exception of some dope wallpaper).

Our bed is a king size because we decided to upgrade when our toddler started sneaking his way into our bed, then just never left. I found that a lot of the cute bedding was for queen and full size so I took my time to research. I fell in love with the look of linen and I love that it softens over time with washes. I found a company called Piglet in Bed, and having owned a little pot bellied pig in the past, I clicked on their page lol. I fell in love with this Dove Grey color and it had to be mine! The cool thing they have is the option to purchase everything in bundles or separately, so I was able to add a pop of color with the teal pillow cases!


I went with a platform style bed with no headboard or footboard for a more minimal look. So my bedding ends up being more of a focus.

If you don’t already know, I’m in love with house plants. So I drew up designs and built this peg shelf above my bed. I love my pothos plants over my bed because as they continue to grow, its like a beautiful green piece of art above my bed. Bonus: all these plants are busy creating oxygen for a better nights rest!

Our antique rug and chair are Facebook marketplace finds. The chair I spruced up with some new pillows. The faux sheepskin pillow is from Target, and the velvet pillow is from Goodwill! Secondhand is always the way to go when you are decorating your home on a budget! It lets me have more room in the budget to invest in other areas like new bedding.

Let me know what you think of our new room. I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!